Caryphyllene, cardinene and cadinol
Amyris balsamifera Bark Oil
The essential oil is steam distilled from the bark and branches of Amyris balsamifera.
Musty woody scent
Known to have antiseptic, soothing properties and can be used as a sedative


  • Sandalwood Amyris Essential Oil comes from a small bushy tree with white flowers growing wild in Haiti.

    A less costly substitute for Sandalwood Vanuatu or Sandalwood Mysore, Sandalwood Amyris is good to use with a vaporiser or burner, either on its own or blended with cedarwood or other woody oils.
    Can be used blended in a cream or lotion for an anti-ageing treatment. Widely used in high-end creams and lotions as a cheaper subsitute for true sandalwood.
    Sandalwood Australian or Sandalwood Vanuatu are better suited for blends that will be applied to the skin or used in the bath.
    Sandalwood Amyris can also be used as insect repellent .