Amyris balsamifera Bark Oil

Steam distilled
Soft, woody and a little balsamic.
Soothing, relaxing, sensual.


  • Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil is nourishing and helpful for the skin which makes it useful for teenage skin problems and in foot preparations as well as in many other ways.

    When burned or vaporised Sandalwood Australian is thought to have an uplifting effect on the emotions. It may calm nervous tension, stress and act as an insect repellent. Its antiseptic and anti-infection properties may help in cases of bronchitis, coughs and colds.
    It can also help against colds and infections when diluted in carrier oil to create a massage treatment. It is also thought to help with bladder infections and in the forming of healthy scar tissue. Sandalwood Australian is also thought to have aphrodisiac properties.
    Extracted from a native tree of Western Australia, closely related to the Indian Santalum album, it has high levels of active fragrance compounds.