Thymol and carvacrol (up to 60%), cymene, terpinene, camphene, borneol, linalol, among others.
Thymus vulgaris Oil
Obtained by the steam distillation of the flowering plant.
Sweet, green fresh, mild scent
Antibacterial, antiseptic, balancing, stimulating.


  • Thyme Essential Oil was one of the earliest medicinal plants to be used in Western Medicine.

    You may like to blend a few drops of thyme essential oil with one of our wide range of carrier oils or base lotions to create your own muscle rub or a chest rub if you're suffering from a cough or cold.

    Up until the first world war, hospitals would have used Thyme as a natural disinfectant and it is thought the ancient Egyptians used Thyme when embalming their departed loved ones.

    It's purifying effects make it a great choice to burn if there are viral infections going around and its naturally stimulating aroma may be useful in offering a little energy boost throughout the day.
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