Vetiverol, vitivone, terpenes, e.g. vetivines, among others.
Oil distilled from the roots of a tall perennial scented grass.
A deep smokey, earthy, woody base note with a sweet undertone.
Relaxing and soothing. Calms anger and irritability.


  • Vetivert Essential Oil is known throughout India and Sri Lanka as The Oil of Tranquility.

    Try burning or vaporising it to experience it's lovely, calming action on the emotions and to soothe feelings of anger or frustration. It may also help you to sleep.
    Used extensively in perfumes - you may find the perfume is more pleasing when diluted. It's also useful as a fixative in oil mixtures.
    You might also like to try adding a few drops to your bath - this will help to reduce stress and you can relax while you take in its amazingly relaxing aroma.
    In skincare Vetivert can be blended with a massage oil to help with mental and physical exhaustion, rheumatism and arthritic pain and insomnia.
    In a cream or lotion Vetivert is beneficial to dry, dehydrated and irritated skin.