Amphora Aromatics

            Angel Oil

      40hr, Pot Candle,

     In a clear Glass Pot 

Amphora Aromatics 40hr Angel Oil Pot Candle, In a clear Glass Pot

  • Part of our limited edition festive home aromas range!
    Fill your home with the fresh and fragrant aromas of Angel oil.

    Each specially crafted candle comes in its own individual presentation box, so they also make the perfect gift for a loved one!
    Our candles contain no petroleum based paraffin wax and animal products.
    Reuse the glass pot for tea-lights or trinkets. To recycle the pot, place in your normal clear glass recycle bin.

    Vegan Friendly.




    Always take great care when using any of these products. Use heatproof mats and always site your candle well away from flammable materials. Please remove the label before burning. Never leave the candle unattended.