Ingredients: Esters of angelic and tiglic acids, pinene, fanesol, nerolidol, chamazulene, pinocarvone, cineol among others.

INCI name: Anthemis nobilis Flower Oil


The volatile oil obtained by steam distillation of the dried flowering heads or whole plant of the herb.

A sweet and fruity herbaceous scent.

Soothing, calming, relaxing. A very versatile oil which is commonly used in skincare.


  • Chamomile Roman Essential Oil is a must for the first aid cabinet.

    It is well known for its strong soothing effect on mind and body. It is excellent for protecting dry skin and is a good hair tonic - especially for fair hair.

    It's excellent for massage with children as it soothes and calms and can be useful for adults and children alike when used at night or in stressful situations.

    Roman Chamomile is a comforting oil during the high pollen count season (unless you have an allergy to the ragweeds).