Ingredients: Anethol, anisic acid, anisic aldehyde, pinene, camphene, estragol, fenone, phellandrene.

INCI name: Foeniculum vulgare Oil


By steam distillation of the ripe fruits of the plant

Sweet anise-like odour. Earthy, peppery and spicy with a hint of a fruity fresh top note.

Toning, cleansing, reduces cellulite, refreshing mouthwash.


  • Fennel Essential Oil can be used to ease digestive problems when used with a Carrier Oil as a massage to ease wind.

    Also useful for oily mature skin and cellulite. It's estrogenic properties may help to combat wrinkles etc. It can clear congestion on the skin and help bruises to heal. May also be useful in relieving irritation and pain caused by bites and stings.

    Be sure to use sparingly and always dilute to at least 5%.

    It can also help you to find courage and strength when times are tough.

    Fennel Essential Oil has many properties including antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, dupurative, diuretic, laxative and antimicrobial