Limonene, turpinene, pinenes, sabinene, myrcene, citral, linalol, gerianol, octanol, nonanol, citronellal, bergamotene, among others.
INCI name:Citrus limon Peel Oil

Amphora Aromatics LemonFragrance Oil 10ml

  • Lemon Essential Oil is a lovely, refreshing and uplifting oil.

    It can help to soothe irritation caused by insect bites and is also a insect repellent.
    Also used for athlete's foot, chiliblains, colds, corns, dull skin, flu, oily skin, spots, varicose veins, warts.
    When diluted it can be used in hair rinses, skin toners and fresheners.
    Excellent as a cleaning aid around the house to remove sticky, gluey deposits (do not use on polished or treated wood). Always test surfaces with a little first.