Citrus reticulata peel oil


  • Mandarin (Green) Essential Oil 10ml. 

    Mandarin is a lovely oil which is very popular with parents of young children. This is because it's one of the few oils which is safe to use with infants and is also due to its sunny, positive nature.

    It may be burned, vaporised or inhaled for its uplifting, relaxing and cheering properties and is especially popular in blends to help with depression, stress, nervous tension, irritability etc.

    In massage it is recommended for use in a calming blend - particularly for younger children. A soothing, calming massage with Mandarin, Lavender & Chamomile well diluted in a carrier oil can have an amazing calming effect on a youngster who is having a tantrum.

    It can also be found in massage blends to ease flatulence, dyspepsia and other gastric issues.

    This Green version is produced from those fruits harvested early in the season and has a slightly livelier and younger note to the aroma.