Ingredients: Limonene, methyl-anthranilate, geraniol, citral, citronellal among others.

Citrus nobilis Peel Oil


The volatile oil obtained by cold-pressing the peels of mandarin oranges.

Very sweet, citrusy, fruity.

Antiseptic, anti-fungal, relaxing, calming.


  • Mandarin essential oil is another good astringent - it can help to combat areas of the skin where acne breaks out and improve dull looking skin.

    It's particularly effective when used to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy - always diluted in a carrier oil. This will create a lovely massage oil which should be applied from the 5th month of pregnancy onwards. Use daily.

    You may also like to use it as a relieving massage in cases of tummy upsets in adults and children alike. Dilute to 1 or 2% in the Carrier Oil of your choice. Then massage gently on the tummy area. Or simply add a few drops to your bath at bedtime (even nicer if combined with Neroli!).


    Mandarin Oil has a gentle action and is fantastic at helping to relax children. It's great for calming tantrums and when they're over-excited or over-tired.

    Mandarin Red is produced from those fruits harvested later in the season and has a slightly more mature and smoother aroma than the Green version. Those of you who have purchased Mandarin from us over the years will have been buying the Red version.