Ingredients: Origanum majorana Leaf Oil


The volatile oil obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of the herb.

A delicious warming & woody scent.

Relaxing, calming, fortifying and warming. Sedative properties.


  • Marjoram Essential Oil can ease aches and pains after a gym session and sports activities or a hard day in the garden.

    It's also a handy oil to add to a carrier oil for a massage that eases PMT and period pains. Use as a hot compress on the abdomen for best results.

    Marjoram is thought to promote deep mental and physical relaxation so is great to use last thing at night so it can do its work as you sleep.

    A steam inhalation made with Marjoram can help to quickly clear the chest and ease any breathing difficulties. You may also find it useful when rubbed into the chest or throat to easy a tickly cough.