Ingredients: Mainly pinenes, camphene, limonene, cineol, borneal with camphor, linalol, terpineol, octanone, bornyl acetate, among others.Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Oil


The volatile oil obtained by steam distillation from the twigs & fresh flowering tops of the shrubby perennial.

Fresh, minty-herbaceous scent with woody and balsamic undertones

Stimulating, reviving, invigorating. Clears the mind and head.


  • Rosemary essential oil is a good all rounder.

    There are many ways to utilise its numerous properties.
    A few drops in the bath are helpful after an illness as a pick-me-up and a tonic. It can aid memory, relieve mental fatigue and lethargy and help to relieve headaches and migraines. It's a very useful oil to smell during exams and is also great to alleviate that Monday morning feeling.
    Because Rosemary has a warm, penetrating and stimulating odour it makes for a great muscle ease. Superb after sports activities - even more so when combined with Lavender and Marjoram. Dilute well in a carrier oil before skin application.

    Rosemary has also traditionally been used in skin and hair care. It's a good toner and can be rejuvenating for the scalp. You can add it to your shampoo - it makes an excellent rinse for dark hair and hair in poor condition. It restores colour to dark hair and helps combat dandruff when the scalp is dry.

    Rosemary is also a strong antiseptic and can be used as an insect repellent - especially for lice.

    When burned or vaporised it can relax, restore and maintain stability of the emotions. It can be helpful to calm problems caused by PMT.
    Rose Geranium is also a lice and mosquito repellent. Try blending a few drops in Amphoras Shampoo or Conditioner Base to treat head lice.