In MagnesiumOil Soak you will find a concentrated solution of Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride (31% magnesium chloride).

We take great pride in sourcing the most bioavailable and natural active ingredients.

100% naturally sourced with no exposure to man-made pollutants.

This has been formulated as an ambient product and does not require refrigeration.

Proudly British made.



MagnesiumOil Soak is a very gentle way to increase your body’s magnesium levels, simply add to a foot or body bath for the ultimate in relaxation.

For a foot bath

Pour 50ml into a warm foot bath and submerge feet for 20 minutes

For a body bath 

Pour 100ml into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes

Every 50ml delivers 7g of elemental magnesium in its most absorbable form.

It is advised that 2-3 magnesium rich baths are taken per week. Increase frequency as required.

MagnesiumOil Soak is suitable at any age, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. For children we recommend halving the dosage as their additional daily supplementation need is lower than that of an adult.

There are no contraindications for MagnesiumOil Soak.

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Soak 500ml, Muscle Tension & Cramp, Remineralisation

  • BetterYou™ Magnesium Soak is a pure magnesium chloride liquid solution, ideal to add to a foot or body bath for the ultimate in muscle relaxation and skin health.

    • Pure Zechstein Inside® Magnesium Chloride soak
    • A gentle solution for all ages
    • Aids skin health and relaxes muscles
    • Cleansing, purifying and renewing
    • The most relaxing 20 minutes you’ll ever spend

    The transdermal magnesium process allows full tissue absorption by exposing the skin to a concentrated solution of magnesium chloride.

    1 litre of Magnesium Soak contains 152g of elemental magnesium chloride.

    Why MagnesiumOil Soak ?

    Magnesium naturally relieves muscle tension and cramping, promotes skin health and overall wellbeing and helps to promote healthy and restful sleep.

    How transdermal magnesium supplements work:

    When added to a bath or foot bath, BetterYouTM Magnesium Soak is absorbed in to the highly porous epidermis and through to the blood vessels and muscles beneath. Completely bypassing the digestive system where many nutrients are not absorbed. Transdermal magnesium offers a simple and scientifically proven method of magnesium supplementation far more effective than tablets and capsules.

    Learn more about the growing number of trials that show the superior absorption of BetterYouTM Magnesium compared to other forms of magnesium supplements.

    Magnesium bath soaks offer a purity and sensitivity that means they are suitable for all ages, during pregnancy and on skin disorders including dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

    Superior magnesium quality

    Contains 100% natural ingredients, delivering the most naturally pure source of Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride. Mined in Northern Holland from a seam one mile below ground, our magnesium chloride has been naturally condensed and purified for over 250 million years. As open water sources contain elevated man-made pollutants and heavy metals, Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride guarantees the most naturally pure source known.


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